Efficient and Green Hospitals

In the service sector, hospitals are the largest energy consumers. With approx. 6000 kWh electricity/year and 29,000 kWh heat/year and patient bed, the energy consumption of an in-patient corresponds to that of two modern single-family homes. According to existing studies, up to 40% of the electricity demand and over 30% of the heat can be saved.

With increasing competence in energy management and optimized supply structures, hospitals can serve in the future as inner-city supply platforms, for surrounding buildings or businesses.

IHNES promotes the topic of energy efficiency and energy management in the health sector through an interregional network of hospital operators, research institutions and engineering offices. On the basis of uniform energy key figures, building services engineering and operational processes are compared and specific measures are derived. In most cases, energy supply structures, legal requirements and current problems are similar, making energy efficiency measures easily transferable. Experience gained from the implementation and planning of comparable measures is summarised in applicable concepts. Furthermore, a software-supported toolbox for the evaluation and planning of specific efficiency measures is being developed.